Saturday 4th August at 2.30 pm

There were about fifteen GOA members attending this event. Sadly, the Over roundabout was closed and the traffic in Gloucester was gridlocked so several members had to give up their journey. Those who made it enjoyed a fine and sunny afternoon with a good views across the fields towards Gloucester and the Cotswolds. over the Severn valley together with tea, water and cakes provided by our Treasurer.. On approaching the organ shed the two manual, and pedal 1911 Hill organ was playing Bach automatically from a laptop. This instrument is very much work in progress.

The organ opposite the door of the shed was originally built by Ian in 1964 using a rank of Forster and Andrews Stopped Diapason Pipes. There is a simple blower and no reservoir and the organ works of about 1 ¾“ wind pressure. The mark I model used  these 8’ pipes only with a hoover blowing in a separate room. This Mark II model used PTFE slider seals and had in addition a 4’ open flute and later a 15th. A Gemshorn 4’ later replaced the flute. The pedals use Bowden Cables for coupling. The organ had a Trumpet stop fitted in 1970 for a performance of Noye’s Fludde in Cranleigh School. For a time the organ was a two manual instrument in the house a Hill soundboard as the second manual with electric action. The stop holes for the second manual are still visible on the right of the console.

The large organ in the opposite corner was originally found in a cowshed just outside Cardiff. It was bought jointly by The King’s School and Gloucester Cathedral and was installed in the Chapter House by Ian Fox, Alex Mason, Dougie Mason and Edward Gardner. It was used for many years for pupils’ practice. Many years later, the BBC had hired the Chapter House and it was removed and put into store. Threatened with the fate of a skip, it was rescued by Ian Fox and Keith Jones who renovated it. After a spell in St Stephen’s Church and Forthampton Church, it came here for storage.

The small Sweetland Organ (1865) was bought by Ian Fox from Quedgeley Methodist Church. Keith Jones had looked after it and had replaced the Stopped Diapason with a more beautiful sounding one. Keith recently re-leathered the pallets.

The pipe organ next to the Sweetland was bought by Ian Fox from Callow Hill Methodist Church. The pedal Bourdon which only goes down to a bottom E is on electric action and is wired up as an automatic pedal bass. This instrument spent some time in Kempsford Parish Church whilst the pipe organ was being renovated.

The Hauptwerk Console in the house was running Hereford Cathedral at the moment. Both Choir and Solo stops were playable on the bottom manual. More organs can be loaded including a cinema organ,  St Augusti, Palma, La Madeleine Cavallé Coll, Laurenskirk Rotterdam, SP Great Romantic,  Cavallé-Coll St Eucaire, Caen and one or two others. Several of these other instruments were played , epecially the  Cavallé- Coll

Ian the house, Ian’s computer wass running a free Hauptwerk Organ – St Anne’s Moseley.