11.30 am – 1.30 pm   Visit to the four manual Nicholson/Rushworth and Dreaper organ at Malvern Priory..

Lunch at Malvern Theatre.

3 pm    Visit to the three manual Nicholson Organ in All Saint’s. Church, The Wyche, Malvern. The church was designed by Troyte, a friend of Edward Elgar, and the organ was the one mentioned and researched by Jim Berrow in his GOA talk last year.

Position  North side of chancel  Type  Pipe Rack

English oak case added after the opening of the organ; Painted gold.
Prospect pipes arranged in three inverted Vs 5-13-5, the 5s from narrow-mouthed
basses of the Viol d’Amour and the 13 from leathered basses of the Open
Diapason; at the outside of the complete row and punctuating the three bays
are four Great Open pipes of larger scale which substitute for the four wooden
posts to be expected in those positions;

Department and Stop list

Pedal Key action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high f1  Keys 30
1 Open Diapason 16
2 Bourdon 16
3 Spare
Choir Key action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high a3  Keys 58
4 Viol d’Amour 8
5 Prepared for stop
6 Spare
Great Key action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high a3  Keys 58
7 Open Diapason 8
8 Clarabella 8
9 Principal 4
10 Prepared for stop
Swell Key action TP  Stop action TP  Compass-low C  Compass-high a3  Keys 58 Enclosed
11 Open Diapason 8
12 Lieblich Gedeckt 8
13 Echo Gamba 8
14 Voix Celeste 8
15 Cornopean 8
16 Prepared for stop


Console type  Attached   Stop type  Stopkeys   Pedalboard  radiating concave

Whinfield console; stopkeys in a line below music desk, slide vertically; above
these is a row of black drawknobs, aligned with the stopkeys below; when
drawn, right hand composition pedal brings stopkey on; left hand composition
pedal takes off black drawknob; finger pistons set vertically at the rear of
the keyboards control stops in ivory and couplers in black; left hand set in
e/f space take couplers off and the right hand set in the e2/f2 space put them
on; speaking stop pistons in the b/c1, e/f and b/c spaces, left hand piston
selects suitable pedal stops and appropriate pedal coupler and taking off any
other pedal coupler; right hand piston selects manual stops;


Swell to Pedal

Swell to Great

Swell to Choir

Swell octave to Great

Swell suboctave to Great

Swell octave

Swell suboctave

Choir to Pedal

Great to Pedal

Great octave

Choir suboctave to Great

Choir octave to Great



Bellows 4″


Balanced Swell pedal;
Whinfield finger pistons, situated at back of keys
of manual which they control;
Whinfield patent “special combination action”;

Further information

See also article by James Berrow, BIOS Journal 18, 1994, pp143-149 which also
includes comprehensive details of pipes – materials, scales, nicking, mouths,
ears etc.;
Church designed by Arthur Troyte Griffith, close friend of Sir Edward Elgar
who features in his Enigma Variations;