Saturday April 12th Visit to Llandaff Cathedral

On arrival at Llandaff, many of us met up at Jasper’s, a flourishing tea-shop close to the Cathedral. Refreshed, we sat in the choir of the Cathedral and enjoyed a good humoured  and informative talk on the organ by Nicholson of Malvern’s head voicer Guy Russell. The talk was enhanced by demonstrations on the organ from the Parish Organist David Thomas. Music included choral tunes, fanfares and “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.”  Following this, we moved to the Nave and were transfixed by a brilliant improvisation by Roy Massey. Roy found hundreds of colours from the instrument, some glittering, some majestic and some triumphant. One feature of this organ is that all the flutes are different: there are harmonic flutes, conical flutes, chimney flutes and stopped flutes each having its own characteristic and contrasting sound. Roy then played four pieces, Valet Wir by J. S. Bach, Paraphrase on Judas Maccabeus by Guilmant, a movement from C.P.E.Bach’s 1st Sonata and the Toccata by John Sanders. What a brilliant demonstration!

Ten of us then walked along the road to Maltsters where we enjoyed a splendid lunch. Roy particularly enjoyed his Caerphilly ice cream.

After lunch all those who wished to play enjoyed their sessions on the organ.

Thanks go to the Dean and Chapter for allowing our visit, Richard Moorhouse, the Organist for help us arrange it, David Thomas, Guy Russell and Roy Massey.

Before we left Llandaff, Jasper’s received another visit and cups of tea were drunk