Saturday November 1st. Visit to new Nicholson organ at Dean Close and to Christ Church, Cheltenham

On Saturday 1st November, we were some of the first to visit the new Nicholson Organ in the Chapel at Dean Close School, Cheltenham.   Simon Bell welcomed us and gave us a superb demonstration of the instrument. The voicing is bold and the layout of the organ immaculate.

A large number of GOA members were joined by Nicholsons’ Head Voicer, Guy Russell and Nicholsons’ Managing Director Andrew Moyse.

There was ample time for members to play and appreciate this superb new instrument.

Click here for the Nicholsons website.

After lunch, we visited Christ Church at the invitation of Tim Ingold. Click here for details of the organ.

Tim Ingold, who is organist of the church, gave us a short demonstration of the instrument illustrating very well its various colours after which we enjoyed playing it and eating tea.