How To Join

Gloucestershire Organists’ Association

Affiliated to The Incorporated Association of Organists
President: David Briggs MA FRCO FRSA ARCM
Registered Charity No. 1091795

Membership Information
The Gloucestershire Organists’ Association was founded in 1947 to advance the education of the public in the study of the art of music with reference to organ music.
The Association is affiliated to the Incorporated Association of Organists (IAO) to which over 100 other local associations are also affiliated, which means you will also be a member of the IAO. The IAO publishes the Organists’ Review and arranges regular organ events. The Gloucestershire Organists’ Association offers advice to performers, teachers, students, churchmen and members of the public concerned with the improvement of standards of performance of organ music. During each year the Association arranges lectures, visits to organs and organ demonstrations. Members enjoy the friendship and social aspects of belonging to a thriving group of like minded individuals. The Association runs a Student Organist Scheme. Bursaries are sometimes available – details available on request.

All members receive:
 a directory of members which is regularly updated that shows:
 members who are willing to deputise by arrangement
 members who are willing to teach the organ
 details and an initial free copy of the Organists’ Review
– a quarterly publication by subscription direct from the IAO.
 A regular newsletter is also circulated, giving details of organ events both local and wider afield.

How to Join
The Association is keen to welcome new members. You do not have to play the organ to be eligible for membership – membership is open to all people who are interested in the organ. If you would like to apply to join, please complete the application form and gift aid form, as appropriate, and post* them to:

Mr. B. Basham,
Hon. Secretary,
Gloucestershire Organists’ Association,
9, Greenway,
GL52 9HU
* It is suggested that you do not email the completed form as the use of electronic transmission of personal details may not be secure.
Members are encouraged to Gift Aid their subscriptions.

Membership Subscriptions
Membership Subscriptions for 2015 until amended:
Adult: £15.00,
Married Couple/Civil Partner/Family: £17.50,
Student: while receiving any form of full time education: Free

Membership subscriptions are due on the 1 January each year. For members joining in mid-year, a reduced subscription is payable for that year. Please telephone the Hon. Secretary (01242 708 039) to determine the amount payable.

Gloucestershire Organists’ Association – Membership Application Form

Title: ______ Forename(s): _______________________

Surname: _____________________________________
Degrees / Decorations:

Membership Type: (Adult – Joint – Family – Student)


Name(s) of Joint/Family members _____________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________



Postcode: _________________

Telephone: _______________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________________

Current Musical Appointments: _______________________________________________________

Do you wish to be shown on the list of members as being willing to:
deputise (Yes/No)? _¬______ teach(Yes/No)? _______
Please list your membership of any other Organists’ Associations:

Newsletters are normally sent by email. We will however send (at no additional charge) by post, to any member who does not have an email facility. If you have email and still wish to receive the newsletter by post, there will be an additional charge of £2 for the year.
I wish to receive newsletters by _____________________________

I apply for membership of the Gloucestershire Organists’ Association

Signature: __________________________________

Date: ______________________________

Please refer to the notes below and complete one of the following:

 I enclose a cheque for £ _______ made payable to “The Gloucestershire Organists’ Association”(Yes/No)?_______
 I wish to pay by Bank Standing Order (Yes/No)? ______
 I wish to pay by Electronic Transfer (Yes/No)? ______

Please note that we are able and indeed encourage members, wherever possible, to pay
their subscriptions by standing order. For security reasons we have not published our banking details on this form, but if you wish to use this facility please contact the Treasurer as detailed below. If you use internet banking, then we will provide you with the relevant information to enable you to either create a standing order, or alternatively activate an electronic transfer.
Tel: 01452-613233 or by email at:


Gloucestershire Organists’ Association – Gift Aid Declaration

I am a UK tax payer and would like the Gloucestershire Organists’ Association to reclaim the tax on all donations made since my date of membership until further notice. I confirm that I have paid an amount of UK income or capital gains tax equal to any tax reclaimed.

Title: _____ Forename(s): _______________________

Surname: ____________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________Postcode: _____________

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _______________________

Gift Aid Notes

1. You must pay an amount of UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax
that the charity reclaims on your donations in the appropriate tax year.
2. You can cancel this declaration at any time by notifying the Hon Treasurer of the GOA.
3. If your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax, you must cancel this declaration
4. If you pay tax at higher rate you can claim further relief via your self assessment tax return
5. Please see if you are not sure whether your
donations qualify for Gift Aid.
6. Please notify the GOA Membership Secretary if you change your name or address.